Vitamins in Pork loin

The chart below shows the water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamin content of pork loin.

Vitamins Percent Daily Value (DV) per 100 g
Vitamin A 2µg 0.2%
Beta-Carotene 0µg 0%
Alpha-Carotene 0µg 0%
Vitamin D 1.2µg 8%
Vitamin D2 0µg 0%
Vitamin D3 1.2µg 7.4%
Vitamin E 0.24mg 1.6%
Vitamin K 0µg 0%
Vitamin C 0.6mg 0.7%
Vitamin B1 0.63mg 52.5%
Vitamin B2 0.25mg 19.2%
Vitamin B3 4.42mg 27.6%
Vitamin B4 93.6mg 18.7%
Vitamin B5 0.65mg 13%
Vitamin B6 0.37mg 28.5%
Vitamin B9 3µg 0.8%
Vitamin B12 0.54µg 22.5%
Fat-soluble Water-soluble