Dry roasted pistachio nuts — Nutrition Facts

About 18% of the calories in dry roasted pistachio nuts come from carbohydrates (113 calories). Dry roasted pistachio nuts contain 28.3 grams of carbohydrates per every 100 grams. There are 572 calories in 100 g of dry roasted pistachio nuts.
Basic nutrients (nutrition summary):

45.8 grams of fat, 21.1 grams of protein, 28.3 grams of carbs, 1.9 grams of water, 3 grams of ash.

Dry roasted pistachio nuts contain 7.7 grams of total sugars, 10.3 grams of dietary fiber and 1.4 grams of starch.

They have 0 milligrams of cholesterol and 0 grams of total trans fats.

Dry roasted pistachio nuts — proteins, carbohydrates and fats (PCF)

Every 100 grams of dry roasted pistachio nuts provide about 28% of recommended daily protein intake. They also content up to 55% of the daily intake of fats and 9% of carbs.

PCF Percent Daily Value (DV) per 100 g
Protein 21.1 g 28.1%
Fat 45.8 g 54.5%
Carbohydrates 28.3 g 9.1%


The chart below shows the vitamin content of dry roasted pistachio nuts.

Vitamins Percent Daily Value (DV) per 100 g
Vitamin A 13µg 1.4%
Beta-Carotene 159µg 3.2%
Alpha-Carotene 0µg 0%
Vitamin D 0µg 0%
Vitamin D2 0µg 0%
Vitamin D3 0µg 0%
Vitamin E 2.17mg 14.9%
Vitamin K 13.2µg 11%
Vitamin C 3mg 3.3%
Vitamin B1 0.7mg 58.3%
Vitamin B2 0.23mg 17.7%
Vitamin B3 1.37mg 8.6%
Vitamin B4 71.4mg 14.3%
Vitamin B5 0.51mg 10.2%
Vitamin B6 1.12mg 86.2%
Vitamin B9 51µg 12.8%
Vitamin B12 0µg 0%
Fat-soluble Water-soluble


Minerals Percent Daily Value (DV) per 100 g
Calcium 107mg 10.7%
Iron 4.03mg 40.3%
Magnesium 109mg 27.3%
Phosphorus 469mg 67%
Potassium 1007mg 21.4%
Sodium 6mg 0.5%
Zinc 2.34mg 21.3%
Copper 1.29mg 143.3%
Manganese 1.24mg 53.9%
Selenium 10µg 18.2%
Fluoride 0µg 0%