Trans fatty acids in Meat

List of meat with a high trans fatty acids content.

Food Amount
Beef tongue 0.84 g
Beef liver 0.37 g
Beef kidney 0.27 g
Beef 0.26 g
Beef tripe 0.20 g
Beef heart 0.16 g
Pork stomach 0.11 g
Pork chitterlings n/d
Pig's feet n/d
Lamb meat n/d
Beef brain n/d
Beef lungs n/d
Goat meat n/d
Horse meat n/d
Rabbit meat n/d
Elk meat n/d
Frog legs n/d
Bear meat n/d
Antelope meat n/d
Bison meat n/d
Beefalo meat n/d
Beaver meat n/d
Boar meat n/d
Venison (deer meat) n/d
Pork loin n/d
Pork liver n/d
Pork pancreas n/d
Pork spleen n/d
Pork n/d
Pork lungs n/d
Pork heart n/d
Pork brain n/d
Pork tail n/d
Pork tongue n/d
Pork kidneys n/d
Pig's ears n/d
Veal n/d