Phytosterols in Foods

List of foods with a high phytosterols content.

Food Amount
Rice bran oil 1,190.00 mg
Sesame oil 865.00 mg
Wheat germ oil 553.00 mg
Sunflower seeds 534.00 mg
Shea nut oil 357.00 mg
Cottonseed oil 324.00 mg
Poppyseed oil 276.00 mg
Apricot kernel oil 266.00 mg
Almond oil 266.00 mg
Clove 256.00 mg
Sage 244.00 mg
Olive oil 221.00 mg
Pistachio nuts 214.00 mg
Peanut oil 207.00 mg
Oregano 203.00 mg
Cocoa butter 201.00 mg
Grape seed oil 180.00 mg
Walnut oil 176.00 mg
Roasted cashews 158.00 mg
Fenugreek seed 140.00 mg
Dill seed 124.00 mg
Hazelnut oil 120.00 mg
Mustard seed 118.00 mg
Macadamia nuts 116.00 mg
Dry roasted hazelnuts 110.00 mg
Babassu oil 95.00 mg
Black pepper 92.00 mg
Coconut oil 86.00 mg
Chili powder 83.00 mg
Ground ginger 83.00 mg
Tarragon 81.00 mg
Caraway seed 76.00 mg
Ground mace 73.00 mg
Cumin seed 68.00 mg
Fennel seed 66.00 mg
Allspice 61.00 mg
Marjoram 60.00 mg
Celery seed 60.00 mg
Capers 48.00 mg
Coconut meat 47.00 mg
Cardamom 46.00 mg
Coriander seeds 46.00 mg
Rosemary 44.00 mg
Lettuce 38.00 mg
Figs 31.00 mg
Savory 31.00 mg
Cinnamon 26.00 mg
Beets 25.00 mg
Okra 24.00 mg
Brussels sprouts 24.00 mg
Asparagus 24.00 mg
Beet greens 21.00 mg
Grape leaves 21.00 mg
Apricots 18.00 mg
Cooked onion 18.00 mg
Cauliflower 18.00 mg
Bananas 16.00 mg
Ginger root 15.00 mg
Onion 15.00 mg
Mung bean sprouts 15.00 mg
Cucumber 14.00 mg
Peppermint 13.00 mg
Raw sweet potato 12.00 mg
Turnip greens 12.00 mg
Strawberry 12.00 mg
Pumpkin 12.00 mg
Apple 12.00 mg
Cabbage 11.00 mg
Cantaloupe melon 10.00 mg
Cooked cabbage 10.00 mg
Spearmint 10.00 mg
Peaches 10.00 mg
Iceberg lettuce 10.00 mg
Green bell peppers 9.00 mg
Cooked tomatoes 9.00 mg
Horseradish 9.00 mg
Chives 9.00 mg
Spinach 9.00 mg
Pear 8.00 mg
Bread crumbs 8.00 mg
Tomatoes 7.00 mg
Radish 7.00 mg
Turnips 7.00 mg
Plums 7.00 mg
Pineapple 6.00 mg
Celery 6.00 mg
Coriander 5.00 mg
Shallots 5.00 mg
Parsley 5.00 mg
Grapes (red or green) 4.00 mg
Shiitake mushrooms 4.00 mg
Watermelon 2.00 mg
Loquats 2.00 mg
Coconut milk 1.00 mg
Homemade pasta 1.00 mg
Beef brain n/d
Beef lungs n/d
Mutton tallow n/d
Beef tallow n/d
Goose fat n/d
Turkey fat n/d
Chicken fat n/d
Lard n/d
Duck fat n/d
Whole milk (3.7% fat) n/d
Pork liver n/d
Pork pancreas n/d
Pork spleen n/d
Pork lungs n/d
Pork heart n/d
Pork brain n/d
Pork tail n/d
Pork tongue n/d
Pork kidneys n/d
Pig's ears n/d
Salt n/d
Cider vinegar n/d
Avocado n/d
Quince n/d
Amaranth grain n/d
Mammy-apple n/d
Anchovy n/d
Oranges n/d
Orange juice n/d
Peanuts n/d
Roasted peanuts n/d
Artichokes n/d
Cardoon n/d
Basil n/d
Eggplant n/d
Bamboo shoots n/d
Dried bananas n/d
Lamb meat n/d
Acerola n/d
Sweet potato n/d
Turkey thigh n/d
Powdered egg white n/d
Butterbur n/d
Pancakes n/d
Fava beans n/d
Broad beans n/d
Broad beans (raw) n/d
Brazil nuts n/d
Broccoli n/d
Chinese broccoli n/d
Cooked chinese broccoli n/d
Cooked broccoli n/d
Rapini n/d
Cooked rapini n/d
Rutabaga n/d
Cooked brussels sprouts n/d
Elderberry n/d
Beechnuts n/d
Bulgur n/d
Sweet yeast bread n/d
Hard-boiled eggs n/d
Wasabi n/d
Sweet dessert wine n/d
Dry dessert wine n/d
Red table wine n/d
Rosé wine n/d
Table wine n/d
White table wine n/d
Grapes (muscadine) n/d
Whiskey n/d
Cherry n/d
Vodka n/d
Wakame n/d
Wheat gluten n/d
Beef n/d
Beef tripe n/d
Beef tongue n/d
Beef heart n/d
Beef kidney n/d
Beef liver n/d
Blueberries n/d
Pigeon peas n/d
Pink salmon n/d
Atlantic croaker n/d
Peas n/d
Green peas n/d
Pea sprouts n/d
Canned green peas n/d
Mustard n/d
Pomegranates n/d
Grapefruit n/d
Walnuts n/d
Buckwheat n/d
Raw buckwheat n/d
Jew's ear mushroom n/d
Oyster mushrooms n/d
Chanterelle mushrooms n/d
Maitake mushroom n/d
Portabella mushrooms n/d
Morel mushrooms n/d
Enoki mushrooms n/d
Turkey breast n/d
Grouper n/d
Guava n/d
Daikon n/d