Caprylic acid (8:0) in Foods

List of foods with a high caprylic acid (8:0) content.

Food Amount
Coconut oil 6.80 g
Babassu oil 6.00 g
Dried coconut meat 4.52 g
Coconut meat 2.35 g
Coconut milk 1.67 g
Butter oil 1.11 g
Goat cheese 0.81 g
Sage 0.71 g
Roquefort cheese 0.67 g
Feta 0.55 g
Kit Kat wafer bar 0.50 g
Twix bar 0.48 g
Gouda cheese 0.43 g
Tilsit cheese 0.38 g
Cream cheese 0.37 g
Gruyere cheese 0.36 g
Cheddar cheese 0.34 g
Port De Salut cheese 0.34 g
Gjetost cheese 0.33 g
Swiss cheese 0.33 g
Colby cheese 0.32 g
Fontina cheese 0.31 g
Monterey cheese 0.31 g
Milky Way bar 0.30 g
Edam cheese 0.30 g
Brie cheese 0.30 g
Limburger cheese 0.28 g
Muenster cheese 0.28 g
Romano cheese 0.27 g
Dry milk 0.27 g
Camembert cheese 0.26 g
Parmesan cheese 0.26 g
Cheshire cheese 0.26 g
Anejo cheese 0.26 g
Provolone cheese 0.26 g
Queso Chihuahua cheese 0.25 g
Blue cheese 0.25 g
Queso Fresco cheese 0.24 g
Neufchatel cheese 0.24 g
Asadero cheese 0.24 g
Mozzarella cheese 0.20 g
Shea nut oil 0.20 g
Skittles 0.15 g
Sheep milk 0.14 g
Roasted cashews 0.13 g
White chocolate 0.12 g
Milk chocolate 0.11 g
Sour cream 0.11 g
Black pepper 0.10 g
Sweetened condensed milk 0.10 g
Goat milk 0.10 g
Snickers bar 0.08 g
Buttermilk 0.08 g
Ricotta cheese 0.07 g
Mashed potatoes (milk and butter added) 0.06 g
Crackers 0.06 g
Tortilla 0.06 g
Cotija Cheese 0.06 g
Mars almond bar 0.05 g
Butterscotch 0.05 g
Whole milk (3.7% fat) 0.04 g
Philadelphia cream cheese 0.04 g
Thyme 0.04 g
Raw buckwheat 0.04 g
Buckwheat flour 0.03 g
Yogurt 0.03 g
Dark chocolate (45-59% cacao) 0.03 g
Cottage cheese 0.03 g
Clove 0.03 g
Chocolate cake 0.02 g
Milk (2% fat) 0.02 g
Pork chitterlings 0.02 g
Dark chocolate (60-69% cacao) 0.02 g
Cashew nuts 0.02 g
Triticale flour 0.02 g
Onion rings 0.02 g
Coconut water 0.01 g
Caramel 0.01 g
Bay leaf 0.01 g
Raw egg yolk 0.01 g
Kefir 0.01 g
Whey protein powder 0.01 g
Ginger root 0.01 g
Naan 0.01 g
Buckwheat 0.01 g
Dark chocolate (70-85% cacao) 0.01 g
French fried potatoes 0.01 g
Paratha 0.00 g
Raw eggs 0.00 g
Cooked brussels sprouts 0.00 g
Hard-boiled eggs 0.00 g
Turmeric 0.00 g
Bison meat 0.00 g
Pancakes 0.00 g
Brussels sprouts 0.00 g
Bulgur 0.00 g
Chicken legs 0.00 g
Long-grain brown rice 0.00 g
Parboiled brown rice 0.00 g
Whole-wheat bread 0.00 g
Avocado 0.00 g
Dried bananas 0.00 g
Turnip greens 0.00 g
Chocolate coated marshmallow 0.00 g
Milk whey liquid 0.00 g
Dates (deglet noor) 0.00 g
Apricots n/d
Quince n/d
Pineapple n/d
Mammy-apple n/d
Anchovy n/d
Oranges n/d
Orange juice n/d
Peanuts n/d
Roasted peanuts n/d
Watermelon n/d
Artichokes n/d
Basil n/d
Eggplant n/d
Okra n/d
Bananas n/d
Acerola n/d
Sweet potato n/d
Raw sweet potato n/d
Turkey thigh n/d
Powdered egg white n/d
Fava beans n/d
Beet greens n/d
Brazil nuts n/d
Broccoli n/d
Chinese broccoli n/d
Cooked chinese broccoli n/d
Cooked broccoli n/d
Rapini n/d
Cooked rapini n/d
Rutabaga n/d
Elderberry n/d
Sweet yeast bread n/d
Sweet dessert wine n/d
Dry dessert wine n/d
Red table wine n/d
Rosé wine n/d
Table wine n/d
White table wine n/d
Grapes (red or green) n/d
Grape leaves n/d
Whiskey n/d
Cherry n/d
Vodka n/d
Wakame n/d
Wheat gluten n/d
Beef n/d
Beef brain n/d
Beef tripe n/d
Beef tongue n/d
Beef lungs n/d
Beef heart n/d
Beef kidney n/d
Beef liver n/d
Blueberries n/d
Pink salmon n/d
Peas n/d
Green peas n/d
Mustard n/d
Pomegranates n/d
Grapefruit n/d
Walnuts n/d
Shiitake mushrooms n/d
Oyster mushrooms n/d
Maitake mushroom n/d
Portabella mushrooms n/d
Morel mushrooms n/d
Enoki mushrooms n/d
Turkey breast n/d
Pear n/d
Guava n/d
Daikon n/d
Jackfruit n/d
Gin n/d
Honeydew melon n/d
Blackberry n/d
Egg yolk powder n/d
Watercress n/d
Mutton tallow n/d
Beef tallow n/d
Goose fat n/d
Turkey fat n/d
Chicken fat n/d
Lard n/d
Duck fat n/d
Egg substitute (powder) n/d
Sugar substitute (aspartame) n/d
Sugar substitute (stevia sweetener) n/d
Sugar substitute (saccharin) n/d
Sugar substitute (sucralose) n/d
Sugar substitute (fructose) n/d
Sugar substitute (agave syrup) n/d
Marshmallow n/d
Cumin seed n/d
Golden raisins n/d