Sucrose in Foods

List of foods with a high sucrose content.

Food Amount
Granulated white sugar 99.80 g
Brown sugar 94.56 g
Dark chocolate (45-59% cacao) 46.25 g
Kit Kat wafer bar 40.04 g
Chocolate cake 37.12 g
Dark chocolate (60-69% cacao) 36.39 g
Dark chocolate (70-85% cacao) 23.99 g
Dates (deglet noor) 23.84 g
Crackers 11.85 g
Dried apricots 7.89 g
Coffee with milk and sugar 7.51 g
Dry roasted pistachio nuts 7.09 g
Mango 6.97 g
Pistachio nuts 6.87 g
Tangerines 6.05 g
Pineapple 5.99 g
Clementines 5.96 g
Apricots 5.87 g
Cashew nuts 5.81 g
Red Bull energy drink 5.19 g
Green peas 4.99 g
Roasted peanuts 4.90 g
Peaches 4.76 g
Roasted almonds 4.75 g
Dry roasted hazelnuts 4.75 g
Macadamia nuts 4.43 g
Cantaloupe melon 4.35 g
Hazelnuts 4.20 g
Mamey sapote 4.09 g
Orange juice 4.06 g
Dry roasted macadamias 4.00 g
Almonds 3.95 g
Canned corn 3.90 g
Pecans 3.90 g
Sweet yeast bread 3.86 g
Canned green peas 3.83 g
Mustard seed 3.69 g
Carrots 3.59 g
Onion rings 3.56 g
Grapefruit 3.51 g
Pine nuts 3.45 g
Feijoa 2.93 g
Cooked sweet corn 2.74 g
Boiled carrots 2.70 g
Raw sweet potato 2.52 g
Sunflower seeds 2.50 g
Honeydew melon 2.48 g
Walnuts 2.43 g
Bananas 2.39 g
Turmeric 2.38 g
Brazil nuts 2.33 g
Poppy seeds 2.33 g
Apple 2.07 g
Paratha 1.75 g
Naranjilla 1.72 g
Buckwheat flour 1.70 g
Plums 1.57 g
Sweet potato 1.43 g
Apple juice 1.26 g
Watermelon 1.21 g
Flaxseed 1.15 g
Pumpkin seed 1.13 g
Black tea with lemon 1.12 g
Edamame 1.12 g
Cooked onion 1.10 g
Mango nectar 1.02 g
Tortilla 1.00 g
Black walnuts 1.00 g
Onion 0.99 g
Oregano 0.91 g
Sweet corn 0.89 g
Multi-grain crackers 0.86 g
Hemp seed 0.85 g
Cherry 0.80 g
Chili powder 0.76 g
Artichokes 0.73 g
Pear 0.71 g
Cherimoya 0.66 g
Philadelphia cream cheese 0.64 g
Red and white currants 0.61 g
Okra 0.60 g
Red cabbage 0.60 g
Grapes (muscadine) 0.57 g
Rye flour 0.57 g
Rutabaga 0.53 g
Dates (medjool) 0.53 g
Oat flour 0.50 g
Rice bran 0.50 g
Mayonnaise 0.48 g
Lime juice 0.48 g
Strawberry 0.47 g
Whole grain sorghum flour 0.47 g
Brussels sprouts 0.46 g
Lemon juice 0.43 g
Jackfruit 0.42 g
Buckwheat 0.40 g
Navy beans 0.37 g
Whole-wheat flour 0.36 g
Pinto beans 0.34 g
Wild rice 0.33 g
Sesame seeds 0.31 g
Millet flour 0.30 g
Long-grain brown rice 0.24 g
Cheeseburger (McDonald's) 0.24 g
Asparagus 0.23 g
Mustard 0.21 g
Whole wheat pasta 0.20 g
Raspberries 0.20 g
Ground ginger 0.20 g
Boiled potatoes 0.18 g
French fried potatoes 0.18 g
Raw potatoes 0.17 g
Cranberries 0.16 g
Green onions 0.16 g
Cooked rapini 0.15 g
Grapes (red or green) 0.15 g
Mashed potatoes (milk and butter added) 0.15 g
Kiwifruit 0.15 g
Parboiled brown rice 0.15 g
Rapini 0.11 g
Blueberries 0.11 g
Green bell peppers 0.11 g
Broccoli 0.10 g
Radish 0.10 g
Pasta 0.09 g
Cooked broccoli 0.08 g
Cabbage 0.08 g
Parboiled rice 0.08 g
Celery 0.08 g
Cooked asparagus 0.08 g
Blackberry 0.07 g
Spinach 0.07 g
Raw egg white 0.07 g
Raw egg yolk 0.07 g
Avocado 0.06 g
Sweet dessert wine 0.05 g
Iceberg lettuce 0.05 g
Egg noodles 0.04 g
Grape juice 0.04 g
Cucumber 0.03 g
Whole-wheat bread 0.03 g
Clove 0.02 g
Cinnamon 0.02 g
Black pepper 0.02 g
Milk (2% fat) 0.01 g
Basil n/d
Dry dessert wine n/d
Rosé wine n/d
Oyster mushrooms n/d
Chanterelle mushrooms n/d
Maitake mushroom n/d
Portabella mushrooms n/d
Morel mushrooms n/d
Enoki mushrooms n/d
Egg yolk powder n/d
Sugar substitute (agave syrup) n/d
Flatfish n/d
Cooked cabbage n/d
Kefir n/d
Cola n/d
Caffeine free cola n/d
Crab n/d
Gluten-free brown rice pasta n/d
Naan n/d
Lobster n/d
Scallop n/d
Sorghum flour n/d
Sockeye salmon n/d
Papayas n/d
Red bell peppers n/d
Beer n/d
Tomatoes n/d
Cooked tomatoes n/d
Butterhead lettuce n/d
Lettuce n/d
Red leaf lettuce n/d
Romaine lettuce n/d
Alfalfa sprouts n/d
Hydrolyzed soy sauce n/d
Pomegranate juice n/d
Guanabana nectar n/d
Cream cheese n/d
Queso Fresco cheese n/d
Mozzarella cheese n/d
Neufchatel cheese n/d
Cheddar cheese n/d
Swiss cheese n/d
Cottage cheese n/d
Balsamic vinegar n/d
Cider vinegar n/d
Oyster n/d
Hamburger (McDonald's) n/d
Wheat bread n/d
Multigrain bread n/d
Bread crumbs n/d
Cauliflower n/d
Sweetened green tea n/d
White mushrooms n/d
White mushrooms (cooked) n/d
Raw eggs n/d